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Sub-Division (Addition) List
Code Sub-Division Name
0000 Rural (No Addition)
A001 Arkoma
A010 Austin Place 1
A020 Austin Place 2
A030 Austin Place 3
A040 Campbell Sub Div
A050 Phoenix Mnr Gary
A060 Phoenix Mnr Lewis
A080 Phoenix Mnr Sub 1
A090 Phoenix Mnr Sub 2
A100 Reynolds Addition
A110 Sooner Place
A120 Township Addition
A130 Tracts
A140 Westwood Estates
C001 Bokoshe
C010 Bissell Addition
C050 Township Addition
E001 Cameron
E010 Hill Addition
E015 Township Addition
E020 Westside Addition
G001 Cowlington
G010 Shepard Additon
D001 Fanshawe
D050 Township Additon
D060 Townsite #8
H510 Aunt Bea and Uncle Pie
H590 Township Addition
I001 Heavener
I010 Browning Mtn View
I020 Frank Ward Addition
I030 Heavener Heights Addition
I040 Highland Park Addition
I050 Lake Drive Addition
I060 Main Street Addition
I070 Montclair Addition
I075 Park Place Addition
I080 Petros Sub Div
I085 Pine Mountain Est PH I
I086 Pine Mountain Est PH II
I090 Railroad Addition
I100 Township Addition
I170 Townsite #9
I180 Townsite #10
I200 Townsite #11
K001 Howe
K010 Mountain View Sub
M001 LeFlore
M010 Isaac Addition
M020 Tiffee Addition
M030 Township Addition
N001 Panama
N020 Monks Addition #1 (Rev)
N030 Monks Add #2
N040 Ollie Est #1
N050 Ollie Est #2
N060 Township Addition
P010 Cedar Hills
P015 Christina's Village
P020 Cleaver Addition
P025 Deer Run Estates
P030 Hall Sub #1
P040 Hamon East
P050 Hamon East Phase 2
P060 Pocola Heights
P070 Pocola Heights #2
P080 Quiet Village
P090 Sunnydell Est
P095 Sunset Estates
P096 Sunset Est Phase II
P097 Sunset Est II-A
P100 Swink Sub #2
P110 Sykes Sub
P120 Township Addition
P130 Winnwood Sub
R001 Rock Island
R050 Premier Meadows
R070 Southern Hills Addition
R080 Township Addition
S001 Shady Point
S070 Monks Addition
U001 Spiro
U010 East Side Estates
U015 Indian Hills
U020 Longview Acres
U030 Longview Acres #2
U045 Sebo Addition
U055 Sunset Addition West
U050 Township Addition
U800 Wyndlake Addition
W001 Talihina
W010 East Drive Addition
W020 Haskell Addition
W030 Meadow Heights Addition
W050 Oak Park Addition
W060 Pine Crest Addition
W070 South Park Addition
W080 Taylor Addition
W090 Township Addition
Y001 Wister
Y010 Black Stone Ranch
Y020 Jones Addition
Y030 Judy Industrial Addition
Y040 Logan Addition
Y050 Missouri Addition
Y060 Newburn Addition
Y070 Stacy Addition
Y080 Sunset Addition
Y090 Township Addition
Y140 Townsite #7
Y150 Wigginton Addition
Q001 Poteau
Q010 B W P Addition
Q015 Blooming Prairie
Q020 Browning Addition
Q030 Burkle Addition
Q032 Burkle Addition #2
Q035 Byous Estates
Q036 Byous Estates-Replat
Q040 Cameo
Q060 Carroll Heights
Q065 Country Meadows
Q066 Country Meadows Phase II
Q067 Country Meadows Phase III
Q070 Davison Addition
Q071 Davison Addition #2
Q075 Dennis Addition
Q077 Eagle Crest
Q080 Forbes Acres
Q085 Foothills Estates
Q086 Foothills Estates II
Q089 Fox Woods
Q090 Frank Heights
Q100 Franzini Addition
Q110 Garrett Place
Q130 Hillcrest Addition #1
Q140 Hillcrest Addition #2
Q150 Holiday Hills
Q160 Johnson Addition
Q170 KCS Addition
Q180 KCS Addition #2
Q190 Katie Addition #1
Q200 Katie Addition #2
Q210 Kavanaugh Annex
Q220 Kerbow Addition
Q225 Kingrey Addition
Q230 LaFevers Addition
Q240 Lakeview Addition
Q250 Marta Addition
Q260 Maxey Hill Addition
Q270 Maxey Hill Addition #2
Q280 Maxey Hill Addition #3
Q290 McBee
Q300 McDonald Addition
Q310 Mission Addition
Q320 Mississippi Addition
Q330 Newton Addition #1
Q340 Nobles Addition
Q350 Nobles Addition #2
Q360 Nobles Addition #3
Q370 Nobles Addition #4
Q380 Nobles Addition #5
Q400 Ollie Sub
Q410 Ollie Sub #2
Q411 Ollie Sub #3
Q420 Parkdale
Q425 Pearson Park
Q430 Pennsylvania Addition
Q440 Plummer Webb
Q460 Polk Creek
Q470 Poteau Heights
Q480 Poteau Industrial Park
Q481 Rose Addition
Q482 Ryan Addition
Q485 Shadow Mountain
Q500 Township Addition
Q530 Townsite #2
Q540 Townsite #3
Q550 Turman Addition
Q560 West Drive Addition
Q565 Western Hills Addition
Q568 Winterhaven Estates
Q570 Winters Addition
Q575 Wittevilla Estates
Q580 Woodbine Addition
Q582 Woodbine Addition #2
Q585 Woods Dev I
Q590 Woods Dev II
Q595 Woods Dev III
Q600 Woods Dev IV
0095 Andrews Mobile Villa
0105 Barnes-Sykes Addition
0106 Barnes-Sykes Addition #2
0110 Bedwell
0120 Bengal
0130 Bouncer Mtn Ranch
0140 Braden
0170 Butler Sub
0180 Butler Sub #2
0190 Calhoun
0191 Gray Addition
0200 Canyon View Est #1
0210 Canyon View Est #2
0230 Clarks Sub
0235 Country Club Oaks Sub
0237 Deer Creek Sub
0240 Deer Run Sub
0250 Eagle Creek Estates
0255 Eastwood Addition
0260 Fanshawe
0270 Forest Glen Est #1
0280 Forest Glen Est #2
0290 Forest Pine Est #1
0300 Forest Pine Est #2
0310 Gilmore
0320 Green Country Acres
0325 Green Country AC Replat
0340 Hamilton Acres PH 1
0341 Hamilton Acres PH 2
0342 Hamilton Acres PH 3
0343 Hamilton Acres PH 4
0350 Hickory Creek Sub
0360 Highland Acres
0370 Highland Estates #1
0380 Hilldale Acres
0390 Kennedy
0400 Lee-Wood Sub
0410 Lincoln Addition
0420 Milton
0430 Monroe
0435 Township Addition
0440 Mountain Townsite
0445 Mountain View Sub #2
0446 Mountain View Sub #3
0450 Muse
0451 Fry Addition
0452 Pratt First Addition
0453 Pratt Second Addition
0470 Oak Lodge
0490 Octavia
0500 Oil City
0505 Orchard Estates
0510 Pleasant Hills Addition
0563 Rustic Hills
0568 Shady Point Estates
0569 Silver Ridge Estates
0570 Skyline Est Sub #1
0580 Skyline Est Sub #2
0585 Sooner Place II
0586 Sooner Place III
0590 Spiro Mounds Sub
0592 Split Rock Estates
0595 Stonewood Meadows
0600 Summerfield
0601 Coleman Addition
0620 Sunrise Villa
0623 Sunset Addition
0630 Swink Sub #1
0660 Tahona
0661 First Addition
0662 Hanna Addition
0664 The Ranch at Morris Creek North
0665 Three Lakes Sub
0667 The Ranch at Morris Creek South
0670 Wayside Estates
0690 Whitesboro
0691 White Oak Addition
0700 Wildwood Estates
0710 Williams Addition
0740 Wister Lake Townsite
0745 Wittevilla Estates
0747 Wolf Crest Sub
0800 Wyndlake Addition
0805 Cabin Site Plot
0815 Potts Mtn Cab Site #2
0820 Potts Mtn Cab Site #3
0825 Townsite Addition #1
0830 Townsite Addition #2
0835 Townsite Addition #3
0840 Townsite Addition #4
0845 Townsite Addition #5
0850 Townsite Addition #6
0855 Townsite Addition #7
0860 Townsite Addition #8
0865 Townsite Addition #9
0870 Townsite Addition #10
0875 Townsite Addition #11